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A region that is ready and better prepared to respond to and manage emerging problems in infectious diseases through public health strategies and policies that reflect best practices and are informed by evidence


  1. To enhance and expand international cooperative efforts in the fields of health and medicine, which address disease control
  2. To facilitate the international exchange of information and expertise on surveillance, prevention and control of, and research on, communicable and non-communicable diseases, and on bioterrorism concerns
  3. To serve as regional resource for training and research, to help build individual and collective capacity and facilitate cooperative efforts to monitor, respond to, and prevent critical infectious disease threats in the Asia and Pacific region
  4. To enhance the Asia and Pacific region’s capability and capacity effectively to monitor, detect, and respond to naturally-occurring infectious disease outbreaks or man-made health threats

*From the 2005 Bilateral Agreement Between The Governments of The United States of America and The Republic of Singapore



1. To support the development of programs that contribute towards regional capacity to effectively and appropriately respond to emerging threats in infectious diseases

2. To act as a regional resource for training and research on emerging infectious diseases in order to strengthen and increase the workforce capacity

3. To facilitate access to and use of evidence and best practices through promoting international exchange of information, knowledge and expertise in the region

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Left: Visit of DHHS Secretary Leavitt in Singapore to REDI Center in April 2008. Picture was taken at the conference room of REDI Centre
Right: Annual meeting of the Governing Board (GB) of REDI Center, which was held at the conference room  of REDI Center on 23 June 2008