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Influenza Diagnosis

i. Influenza PCR Training Workshop, Apr 11-15 2011

ii. WHO Influenza Genome Sequencing Workshop, Dec 13-17 2010

iii. Influenza Virus Isolation & Characterization Workshop in Singapore, Mar 30 - Apr 3 2009

iv. Influenza Laboratory Training Workshop, Oct 6-10 2008

Outbreak Investigation and Response

i. International Short Course-Outbreak Investigation, May 31-Jun 4 2010

ii. Training Program on Outbreak Response, Dec 4-6 2006

iii. APEC Rapid Response Expert List, Sep 2006

iv. Outbreak Response Course, Nov 28-Dec 1 2005

v. Field Epidemiology Training Course, May 30-Jun 17 2005

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  Outbreak investigation_1 Outbreak investigation_2



Laboratory Biosafety Course

i. Train-the-Trainer Biosafety Course, Aug 16-27 2010

ii. Train-the-Trainer in Laboratory Biosafety Principles and Practices, Jul 17-27 2007

iii. Laboratory Biosafety and PCR Course, Jul 10-14 2006

iv. Laboratory Biosafety and PCR Course, Dec 12-16 2005

v. Regional Meeting on Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity, Apr 7-8 2005


Data Management and Biostatistics

i. EpiData - Data Management and Basic Statistics, Jan 18-21 2011

ii. Short Course in Data Management and Biostatistics, Feb 1-4 2010

iii. International Short Course in Biostatistics, Nov 9-13 2009

GIS and Public Health Surveillance

i. GIS and Public Health Surveillance Workshop, Apr 26-28 2011

Case Management and Infection Control

i. Respiratory Infection Control Training, Jun 28-Jul 1 2010

ii. Third and Fourth Regional Training Workshop for AI Referral Hospitals from Sumatra and Riau, Mar 2-5 2008 and Jun 9-10 2008

iii. Train-the-Trainer Course in Infection Control in Hospitals, Nov 20-24 2006

iv. Infection Control Course, Dec 5-7 2005

v. Public Health Emergency Preparedness Training Course, Sep 12-16 2005