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Assistant Director for
Laboratory Research
Dr Soo Sim Lee
Email: lsoosim@redi.org.sg


Dr. Lee joined REDI Center as an Assistant Director for Laboratory Research in June 2007.   Her responsibilities involve coordination of research and training projects on diagnostics for emerging infectious diseases  and helping to build laboratory infrastructure for regional countries.  Dr. Lee has organized and coordinated training workshops on molecular and viral diagnosis, lab bio-safety, and pandemic preparedness and has facilitated diagnostic technology transfer and sharing of diagnostic reagents among regional laboratories. Dr. Lee is also forging research partnerships with researchers from Singapore, USA and the Asia-Pacific region.

Dr. Lee obtained her Bachelors and a Master of Science degree in microbiology from the National University of Singapore.  She received her PhD in cell biology in 2001 from the University of Munich where her doctoral thesis work focused on the role of the cytoskeleton and associated binding proteins in cell motility.  Dr. Lee completed a one year post doctoral fellowship at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center in San Diego, where she worked on assessing the relationship between selected cell cycle proteins and their regulation of tumor progression.

Before joining REDI Center, Dr Lee worked from 2002-2007 as research scientist in the Biological Defense Program of Defense Sciences Organization National Laboratories in Singapore.  Her major responsibilities included the development of novel strategies and platforms for rapid detection and control of bioterrorism agents.